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Seasonal Notes

High Summer, 2022 

Adapting/Coping with Heat

Statistically, July is the hottest month of our year. The days are long, the sun is high in the sky and the earth is beginning to dry out. Depending upon the balance of Yin and Yang in a person’s body their ability to adapt or cope with this season varies. Below are some tips for staying healthy in this most Yang time of the year.

Heart Health: Summer is the season of the Heart. This means it is the time when the heart is challenged the most. The heart hates heat! Keeping cool and calm is beneficial to the Heart. Using stimulants like coffee and chocolate stresses the heart. Caffeine stresses the nervous system, providing the body with a “kick” which is chemical rather than biological. A coffee high can increase the risk of stroke, seizure, or fainting. It can also increase blood pressure. Interestingly, caffeine puts our nervous system into sympathetic mode. This can encourage us to do more than our body can physically handle. It can even increase the risk of accidents when we are driving or even walking. Slowing down and relying on our true energy is the key.

Green Tea: Although tea contains some caffeine, it generally does not make people jittery. For centuries, people in China and other parts of Asia have consumed tea with favorable results. Tea containsnatural fluoride as well as polyphenols which prevent dental carries and strengthen the teeth. It is also healthy for the heart and cardiovascular system. Tea should be consumed hot, ice tea is not a healthy choice! When the tea in your mouth is comfortably warm, swish it around to cover the surface of the teeth before you swallow. Ingested tea then can strengthen teeth and bones.

Sun Teas: There are many plants in our gardens which make excellent sun teas including peppermint, spearmint, some types of bamboo leaves, and lemon balm. All of these teas will help vent heat and refresh you.

Peppermint Foot Soak: Use some Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap in room temperature water to soak your feet. It is a perfect and healthy way to cool the entire body down after working outside!

Energetically Cooling Foods: Green vegetables are energetically cooling even when consumed warm. Green leafy vegetables like kale supply chlorophyll and magnesium which helps to support your blood and calm your spirit.

Hydration: Carrying a glass or stainless steal container with fresh water or herbal tea is an excellent way to refresh yourself. Also bringing along a cool cloth which you wet before leaving the house. It can be worn around the neck to subdue the warming Yang energy which comes up the spine. (Do not use it in air-conditioned rooms.)

Eating Light/Eating Right: Eating less in hot weather keeps your body cooler. But all calories should be full of nutrition. Ice Cream and other dessert foods are not nutritious. When it is very hot, you may choose melons but allow them to reach room temperature. Never consume melon with other food because that will damage your digestion. All berries are good sources of nutrition and cooling. So long as you eat them plain! Berries eaten plain will not raise your blood sugar levels.

Bees and Blossoms 


Honey bees “see” flowers differently than we do. Their vision favors the ultra-violet end of the spectrum. Flowers produce pigments which bees can see, but we can not. These pigments invite the bees to come down for a visit. The bee is rewarded with sweet nectar and pollen. In turn, the humming of the bees wings stimulate the flower to release more nectar. Fox glove flowers are fun to observe. The visible spots of pigment on the lower lip of the flower give bees an invitation to enter deeply into the flower where the nectar and pollen are. As the bee’s wings vibrate, which you can hear, more nectar is released. Both the bee and the flower are happy. This dance between bees and blossoms has been co-evolving for 100 million years! Working in or walking through a garden with flowers and pollinators is a joyful experience!

Poison Oak 

Oh dear! Yes it is that time of year again. Poison Oak is a FIRE toxin. If you consume alcohol, smoke, drink coffee, or eat spicy food, the FIRE will make the lesions redder and more itchy. If you consume sugar, dairy and oily foods the OILY portion of the toxin will increase and the lesions will weep and spread the toxin.

SO! Cool it with some of the teas mentioned above, lots of greens, and cooling condiments like cilantro and parsley. Topically, witch hazel and calamine lotion help a lot. Calamine lotion is actually made from a Chinese “herb” known as Galamina. It is derived from volcanic eruptions. Thus it is very drying. It also contains zinc which helps to heal the skin. We also have herbs and supplements which are very healing. Acupuncture can help to cool your body and speed recovery.

Summer Siesta Time


Taking a break during the hottest part of the day is a tradition in many countries which have hot weather. If you can take a rest, soak your feet, perhaps take a little nap, great! But sometimes we are put into extended “lock – down” by hot, smoky conditions. To get your mind space into a happier place, consider watching Serengeti I and Serengeti II.

Serengeti is a Masai word meaning “Endless Plains.” Indeed the Serengeti contains the largest expanse of wild animals in the world. It is truly a world treasure! This series is told from the perspective of many different animal families who face challenges due to fires, floods, droughts, and with each other! The lead characters are given African names and you will find yourself wondering how they are managing as their circumstances change.

In one scene, a bereft crocodile mother returns to her nest to find that baboons have eaten some of her eggs. She gently moves her tiny babies to the river as they hatch. The baboons are not bad, just hungry. When a crocodile kills a wildebeest, it is also doing so out of hunger. But, still, you see the grief of parents who have lost their young or young who have lost their parents. The circle of life in nature is profound and touching.

There is also great joy, triumph and peace in many parts of this series. It is a realistic look at the lives and challenges of many, many African animals including jackals, hyenas, zebras, cheetahs, leopards, painted dogs, water buffalo, and antelope, to name a few. We get to know them as individuals and as families. It is a good series to instill peace in your soul.


How high gasoline prices will rise is anyone’s guess. But reducing our consumption of petrol-chemicals is good for our budgets and our planet.

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Butterfly, butterfly

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My soul sours with you!

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To refresh your journey.


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