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August 10, 2021

Special Edition 

Delta Strain COVID Natural Defense Tools

Whether or not you choose to be vaccinated (assuming you still have a choice), having a strong immune system is vital to your health. The clinic offers some excellent tools which are listed below:

Chinese Patent Medicines 

  1. Jade Screen – This is the formula which has been used in China for centuries to protect from respiratory infections. As a practitioner, this is what I use as well. It strengthens the Spleen energy and drys damp.

  2. Jade Defense Plus Formula – This is Jade Screen plus Yin Qiao, a cooling formula. It is appropriate for those who run too hot, especially in hot weather. COVID viruses increase heat in the body.

  3. Five Mushroom Formula Tincture – This glycerin-based formula is very pleasant tasting but for those with blood sugar issues, is not the best choice.


Standard Process

  1. Immuplex – This nutritional supplement strongly supports the entire immune system. I utilize this in combination with Chinese Herbal Formulas during times of need.

  2. Echinacea C – This is actually a “first response” choice. When I treated patients with COVID in 2019 – 2020, Summer and I would take a tablet after treating the patient. Neither of us became sick. We were also taking Jade Screen and Immuplex. We eat a lot of vegetables and avoid processed foods and sweets.


Remember, eating sugar and other concentrated sweets suppresses your immune system for 5 hours after ingestion. Smoking anything suppresses your immune system as well. Staying up late suppresses your immune system. Eating processed food suppresses your immune system. Lack of exercise also suppresses your immune system.



Smoke Stress Support

The “haze” and smoke stresses our lungs. Wearing a mask on days when the AQI is high, is strongly advised. The following nutritional formulas and herbal supplements may be helpful at this time:

  1. Emphaplex – This complex nutritional supplement helps rebuild the lungs from damage, including atmospheric, cigarette and cannabis smoke.

  2. Pneumotrophin PMG – This isolated protomorphogen strongly reduces inflammation in the lung caused by smoke.

  3. Bai He Gu Jin Wan – Moistens the lung, clears heat, dissolves phlegm, and nourishes the Lung.

  4. Mai Wei Di Huang Wan – A similar formula to the one above, but also addresses night sweats and ringing of the ears.

Note: Both of these formulas treat dry throat, eyes and nasal passages. Nourishing the Lung dryness also helps the skin.

Eating pears is very helpful to your lungs. Pear juice is a concentrated sweetener. Sadly, most of the organic pear juice in our stores contains “other ingredients.” These ingredients are glucose which is very unhealthy. This change occurred when the original pear juice company sold out to a major corporation. Stick with pears – better for you and better for our Mother Earth too!



If we are out of your selected item, you can place a pre-paid order and we will order your item or items for you promptly.

When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 

If your eyes are dry, consider using water in a glass eye cup to rinse them. This is very effective most of the time. If you also utilize an herbal formula for moistening the lung, it will be even more effective.

Moist Skin in Dry Air 

Eating a healthy diet and applying lotion to your skin directly after washing, before you completely dry off, is very helpful. Soaking your feet helps with dry-cracked skin, especially if you scrape off the dead skin and then apply lotion promptly.




August 1, 2021


Midsummer Changes 

The earth begins to pick up momentum in her orbit around the sun at this time of the season. The Druids celebrated midsummer as a time when the Sun came down to embrace the Earth so that the crops would ripen. This described the lowering elevation of the sun above the horizon as midsummer progresses to the Equinox in September. One fun way of observing these changes is to note the position of the full moon. Summertime full moons are about the same elevation above the horizon as the sun in winter!

Animals use the changing positions of the sun, moon and stars to navigate long distances. Geese, for example, use the sun during the day and the moon and stars at night! Plants can sense the subtle changes in the sun’s rays and the duration of day and night to grow, mature, and ripen.

The Drought

I Bless the Water when I wash the dishes, I Bless the Water when I clean my house, I Bless the Water when I water the plants. We need to Bless the Water!

Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Takelma Tribe

Chair of the International Counsel of Indigenous Grandmothers 

Listening to Grandma Aggie truly inspired many of us. She had tremendous love and wisdom. Following her teaching, I now bless the water I give to plants, wash the dishes, and clean my house. But in this drought, I also bless the water by not wasting it. This is how I use water sparingly:

  • Mulching my plants deeply conserves precious water

  • Hanging laundry outside saves energy and cools the air a little

  • Taking sponge baths and cleaning my car with a damp rag also conserve water

  • Only flush occasionally and use the water I soak my feet in when possible for this purpose

  • Direct the water from my washer to a small pond (A gray water system also used in Portland)

  • Put bowls of water out for wildlife with stones in them to prevent little frogs and bees from drowning. Recently I spotted a beautiful fox at one of these bowls. What a treat!

Of course, it is very important to keep the earth cool. So I only drive when I have to and have not flown for over 2 years. There are layers of curtains and shades on my windows as well so I do not have to use a fan or AC much.

COVID Delta 

We have nothing to Fear, but Fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt 

The Delta strain of the Coronavirus is less contagious and less virulent than COVID 19. So what is all the fuss? Just relax and turn off the news. You can protect your immunity in many effective ways:

  1. Avoiding alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes, junk food and sugar

  2. Eat fresh vegetables, a small amount of fruit, whole grains, and clean animal protein

  3. Moderate exercise, meditation, prayer, and the company of family and friends are also helpful in keeping a positive mental state and a strong immune system

  4. Avail yourself of effective natural immune support: Immuplex, Medicinal Mushroom Formulas, Jade Screen or an adaptation of a formula designed just for you.

Plastic-free Citrus Cleaner

Compliments of Green America 

Save all of your lemon peels in a cloth bag in the freezer. When you have enough to fill a glass jar, pour white vinegar over the peels and let them sit for 2 weeks. The jar with lemon peels and vinegar is an attractive addition to your home as well. It is also fun for kids to be involved with the magic of turning lemon peels into a cleaner! Dilute the cleaner, if you wish, with water and enjoy using it to clean your home.

The Sounds of Silence 

Recently, our lovely CD player stopped working. We are researching options of having it repaired. In the meantime, you will find that the clinic is just quiet. It is important to stop replacing things and filling the earth with our junk.

Pope Francis described the effects of our “throw away” society when he said that we are “Turning the earth into a pile of filth.”

True enough. And the cost of this is death to wildlife and ourselves. Pediatric cancers are rising as the amount of plastic dumped into the ocean and landfills increases daily. Senator Jeff Merkley has introduced a bill to “Break Free From Plastic.” But both Democrat and Republican representatives, no doubt on the payroll of the plastic/petroleum corporate monster, are delaying this bill. Sadly, our nation is the largest source of plastic pollution on our Earth.

In addition to supporting environmental groups both with contributions and my voice, I have decided not to replace the CD player. This clinic supports health and life. Consumerism supports corporate greed. Thank you for your understanding and support!

A hummingbird carried water in her little beak to put out a forest fire. The other animals asked her what she was doing. Her reply: What I can.

An African Tale of Wisdom


The care I have received at Ráven's clinic has made an almost unbearable situation bearable and allowed me to hold a job and continue on with my life. She and her staff work with you at any time you need them. They are amazing.

    Frances Cole