Acupuncture and Herb Clinic

Seasonal Notes

 Antoine Béchamp, M.D., PhD. declared that all animal and plant cells contain extremely small granules, which could change form and could result in the change and the forms and activities of other microbes. Béchamp, maintained that if we have healthy blood, our microzyma will be healthy and we will not get sick. Which saved Shamas’ Life!

 December, 2020

Stay Happy; Stay Well

Positive emotions promote wellness. Laughter is healthy. Avoid negative news. Turn to the healing experience of family, friends and nature! To lift your mood during this rampant Coronaphobia, turn to “Rescue Remedy” (Herb Shop, Sunshine) or talk with Summer regarding appropriate essential oil blends which help to boost your mood and your immunity!

 Hydration in Cold, Damp Weather 

Carrying a flask of hot tea is the order of the season! Keep your body warm and moist inside with your favorite Chinese or Herbal Tea. Hot porridge, delicious soups, warm baths, foot soaks or showers are welcoming and healing! Indulge! 

Energize and Nourish your Innate Immunity

Immuplex, Chezen, Five Mushroom Formula and eating Shitake and other medicinal mushrooms are nutritious ways of supporting your immune system. Pears are great for the lungs! Onions disperse lung stagnation.

Chinese medicinals in convenient tablet form support immunity and provide energy. We now have two versions of Yu Ping Feng San. The second version contains cooling herbs for those who tend to get hot when they are sick. Both formulations are used in China to keep doctors, hospital staff, and the general population well.

Mugwort and Massage

In my home, the hearth is elevated. In the early morning I love sitting on the warm bricks allowing the fire in the stove to infuse my back with radiant heat as I use the medicinal heat from a moxa stick to supplement my immunity and slow down the aging process. My cat Ebony always joins me, soaking up the heat like a sponge. Perhaps that is why cats have 9 Lives!

If moxa is not to your liking, I can teach you simple Acupuncture points to massage which will boost both your immunity and encourage a longer life. 

Natural Medicine Cabinet Tools for Respiratory Illness

Congaplex, Desiccated Spleen, Echinacea C, and Viranon are effective first response tools for illness. If you are currently taking a tonic formula, remember to stop during illness and let your body focus on getting well.

Our community also offers an abundance of other tools: Elderberry syrup with honey from the Herb Shop, Various marvelous tinctures from “Bare Necessities” at the growers’ market on Saturday. (Linda has 50 years of herbal experience.) Several supplements are available at Sunshine. Colloidal Silver is available from a number of local vendors.

Customized formulas in line with those used in Wuhan are available. Last year, four patients who were ill with COVID 19 recovered using these formulas. The clinic is only open Tuesday and Thursday. If you are not able to come in, you can call, text or e mail with tongue picture (top and bottom) and symptoms and make arrangements to pick up a formula.

In seeking the answers to the question (of the cause of disease), I left Pasteur and his tiny organisms and went off on another road...I came to the conclusion that germs do not initiate a diseased state of the body but appear later after a person becomes ill.

Henry Bieler, M.D., Food is Your Best Medicine


The care I have received at Ráven's clinic has made an almost unbearable situation bearable and allowed me to hold a job and continue on with my life. She and her staff work with you at any time you need them. They are amazing.

    Frances Cole