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Seasonal Notes

October, 2021

A Time of Beauty, A Time of Balance

October is one of the most beautiful months of Autumn in terms of foliage displays and the colors of the foods the farmers bring to our market. It is also very well balanced between cool and warm temperatures. Sunny afternoons beckon us to spend time in the sun! When you can obtain this natural Vitamin D, please do so and enjoy the sensation of warmth on your back!

Autumn and the Metal Element

Autumn is associated with the element metal. The Lung and the Large Intestine belong to metal in TCM. The harmony between these two organs enables us to have better health. In the 19th Century, American Herbalists and Naturopathic Physicians would give a patient an enema when they suffered from chest congestion. Unblocking the colon helped to free the lungs. In China, this therapy was not used, to my knowledge, but Herbal Formulas for Colds and Influenza always treat both the Lung and the Large Intestine as well as other organs which may be out of harmony. To help keep these organs healthy, a diet which includes fresh, organic produce and whole grains were advised. Steel cut oats not only facilitate peristalsis in the intestines, but also help to keep arteries clear and free flowing. Having oatmeal with a fresh or cooked pear would harmonize both the Lung and the Large Intestine.

Tai Yin and Immunity

Another organ relationship to be mindful of at this time of year, especially, is Tai Yin. The two organs in the Tai Yin system are the Lung and the Spleen-Pancreas. Ginseng, a well known Qi or energy tonic, is one of the herbs which supports this group. How does the Spleen-Pancreas support immunity? To test the function of the pancreas, scientists removed this organ from some unfortunate dogs. The dogs died. (Shame on the scientists for their cruelty!) It was thought that loss of the digestive function of the pancreas killed the dogs. But later, brutal, experiments found that if just a tiny piece of pancreatic tissue was surgically inserted into the abdominal wall, the dogs lived. They then realized that the pancreas had prevented sepsis, which killed the first group of dogs. This “demonstrated” the immune function of the Pancreas in Biomedical terms. Something known in China for over 2,000 years. (What a shame they didn’t believe in Chinese Medicine!) Hopefully we will evolve into beings who do not cause such suffering in innocent animals.

The best way to keep your Spleen-Pancreas healthy is to eat a healthy diet. Our clinic can help you with this effort. Generally, the body cannot build a healthy immune system on processed foods. So avoid foods in packages. Fresh foods, lovingly prepared are the best medicine for our bodies. This is the season of soups, freshly steamed green vegetables, hot tea, porridge, and perhaps a little whole grain bread, if you can tolerate it.

Boosting Immunity

To increase your immunity, we offer a number of choices: Jade Screen herbal formula, Mushroom formulas, Immuplex, Acupuncture protocols, and Moxa therapy. BUT NOTHING WILL BE FULLY EFFECTIVE IF YOUR FOOD AND LIFE STYLE CHOICES ARE UNHEALTHY! Perhaps this is why 15% of the deaths due to the Delta Strain in the Asante hospitals were of fully vaccinated individuals. In nature, there are no magic bullets or easy solutions. Remember that at least 40,000 people have died from the vaccine. So should you be vaccinated? That is a personal choice. But do not make the mistake of thinking you can stay up late, drink alcohol, smoke (tobacco or cannabis), take recreational drugs, eat junk food, etc. and be “safe” just with the vaccine. Sorry about that. For 18 years I have been treating individuals with respiratory illness without a mask or vaccine. I have treated 6 cases of COVID. Neither I nor Summer have been sick. But we are proactive in taking care of our immune systems. Will I get vaccinated? I would prefer not to. The vaccine is toxic. But the Oregon Medical Board is pressing the issue. If they do not accept my reasons for not being vaccinated, I will do this in order to keep the clinic open. Hopefully, I will not be forced into this action. 


Effective 9/23/21 

Tuesdays 9 to noon and 2 to 4

Thursdays 9 to noon only

(Summer will be in Thursday afternoons from 2 – 4 to fill herbal prescriptions, etc.) 


Brazil: International Paper and HP have teamed up with WWF to help restore some of the Amazon Forest. This project is headed by the World Wildlife Fund.

Louisiana: The Center for Biological Diversity stopped Formosa Plastic petrochemical complex construction in heavily polluted St. James Parish Louisiana. This is a victory for Climate Chaos, the local residents and all life on our planet!


In the Summer 2021 issue of Compass member newsletter from Greenpeace, Kate Melges reports that the plastic industry used the COVID-19 event to market more single use plastic bags and packaging. Interestingly, this is not the case everywhere. Korean Lotte Mart and ALDI UK and Ireland continue to reduce their plastic packaging. Both groups are committed to reduce plastic by 50% by 2025.

What are you doing to reduce your plastic footprint? Are you using cloth bags for produce and shopping? Do you tell vendors you do not want plastic packaging? Are you recycling as much plastic as possible?


Ironically, the media hype was so successful that most humans are more concerned with COVID than with the health of our planet. Yet we see homes and forests burning to the ground, people left homeless, tropical storms devastating the South East. Whales dying with bellies full of plastic. Children and adults dying of cancers from plastic pollution as well.

Economy first, thinking often criticizes environmentalists for trying to save our world. But our world is the basis of life and the economy. Corporate greed has no bounds in many cases, seeking to destroy the entire earth in the name of profit.

Cannabis growing was out of control during the drought and some growers were shut down. But the landscape in many areas was raped to accomplish profits. Every lost tree contributes to global warming. I don’t know about you, but it was more than hot enough for me last summer! Now mining is being considered. Will people embrace this as well. Hoping for some financial gain?

Perhaps when the water is polluted with heavy metals, the forests cut down completely and our valley turned into a bleak desert, people will finally understand what is important. Unfortunately, it will be too late. No one will be able to live here anymore without clean water in heat so devastating that the crops fail.

This is a global pattern which may very well spell the end of our species.


The care I have received at Ráven's clinic has made an almost unbearable situation bearable and allowed me to hold a job and continue on with my life. She and her staff work with you at any time you need them. They are amazing.

    Frances Cole