Acupuncture and Herb Clinic

Seasonal Notes

Spring, 2021

The forces of Spring create wind in Heaven and wood upon the Earth. Within the body they create the liver and the tendons, they create the green color...and give the voice the ability to make a shouting sound...they create the eyes, the sour flavor, and the emotion of anger.


Season of the Wood Element 

The organs related to the wood element are at their weakest in Spring. Nature provides support with brilliant green vegetation. Dark green leafy vegetables both cleanse and nourish the Liver. These vegetables should be lightly steamed.

Our reaction to Spring is to get outside and move! It is the season of the “tendons,” or connective tissues, which require exercise for health. Shamas loves to run like a race horse at this time of year and then roll in the grass with a big smile on his face.

The music of spring is the music of life: birds singing, insects buzzing, frogs croaking. These love songs celebrate the next generation of animals as the buds and flowers of Spring announce the new growth of plants. 

Garden Gem 

Feverfew is a perennial herb which has a bitter taste. I have seen a terrible migraine leave with the consumption of a feverfew leaf each day. Most migraine headaches are caused by Liver and Gallbladder stagnation and heat. Feverfew is a simple, healthy way to move these organs and allow healthy circulation in the body and especially the head and eyes. If you do not have a space for feverfew, you can drink chamomile tea several times a day, which also is very beneficial both for the Liver and Gallbladder.

Bamboo TP 

The earthy colored TP in the bathrooms is made from bamboo. This renewable resource helps to reduce carbon emissions due to deforestation. There are so many humans on the planet that even the use of toilet paper contributes to global warming on a major scale. You can find a great source of this TP from “” a zero waste company. I generally purchase 12 rolls each time to justify the moderate carbon shipping impact.


The care I have received at Ráven's clinic has made an almost unbearable situation bearable and allowed me to hold a job and continue on with my life. She and her staff work with you at any time you need them. They are amazing.

    Frances Cole