Acupuncture and Herb Clinic


Raven Sara's treatments have improved my life tenfold as I suffer from Sciatica and have tried several other options to no avail. My life is now worth living, thanks to Raven's care. I would not be without it.


    Sandra Wolyniak



The treatments I received at Raven Sara's clinic have made my quality of life much better in many aspects and the warmth and care and consideration are incomparable. I would highly recommend the clinic. In fact, I have many, many times.

    Cheryl Rieger




The Sneak Preview - August 1, 2013

In its annual search for the 'Favorite Acupuncturist' Raven Sara was voted one of the two top acupuncturists from the 13 acupuncture practices selected in Grants Pass.


“Western Medicine” had failed to provide relief….

Dr. Raven is a sensitive, knowledgeable and highly experienced professional.  Though Raven is qualified on many levels of alternative treatments, I sought her out as an herbalist, when traditional “Western Medicine” had failed to provide relief from my medical conditions.  Following a thorough consultation, she provided herbal compounds that quickly and effectively treated the conditions I suffered from, including IC (Interstitial Cystitis) and a painful leg condition.  Her treatments are prescribed to bring balance to the system – treating the cause, NOT long term symptom control.  IC had destroyed my quality of life and in a matter of days, I experienced significant relief that literally resurrected my esteem for life.  I would recommend Raven to anyone looking for a traditional alternative or enhancement to modern medicine.


In only one treatment the path of my life took a new course….

Reiki Master Beate Foit has not only the healing touch of a master but also the healing spirit that imparts the peaceful knowledge that you are being treated by someone who truly cares for your wellbeing.  Reiki treats the “greatest need” and though I sought out Reiki for physical healing, in my case emotional healing is where the healing began.  In only one treatment the path of my life took a new course that has brought me great joy.  I would recommend Reiki with Beate to anyone looking to enhance their health and well being.



My ‘go to’ clinic…..

From the moment you enter the office the atmosphere of peace and healing pervades your senses.  The kindness and sincere concern Raven, Beate, and Lori show everyone makes this my ‘go to’ clinic for all my needs -  ‘medical’, healing, and herbal supplements.   Their holistic approach - from nutrition to herbal supplements, acupuncture to Reiki - treats the WHOLE person.  Looking to enhance your health and well being?  You will love this clinic!!  

        N. C., Grants Pass



The care I have received at Raven's clinic has made an almost unbearable situation bearable and allowed me to hold a job and continue on with my life. She and her staff work with you at any time you need them. They are amazing.

    Frances Cole