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Australian Holocaust

We are advocating for world support for the animals suffering in the Australian bushfires. Many species are undergoing catastrophic decimation, and it is likely several on the endangered list are now extinct. The clinic is currently donating 100-200% of the purchase price of cloth bags and other items we sell here to support Australian wildlife. Please consider making a purchase or donation when you visit our clinic! Our proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund's rescue and rehabilitation efforts for these precious beings. You can also support these good people directly by visiting their website.

 Imagine the terrifying fires which are sweeping across Australia. Animals running for their lives. Unable to see, to breathe, to know how to escape. Some, no doubt, burrowed beneath the ground, if they had time. But did they escape? Babies separated from their parents, pain, unbelievable pain, fear and suffering. Choking smoke, severe injuries, chaos, terror.

The devastating fires in Australia are estimated to have cost over one billion innocent animal lives. Massive destruction of habitat also leaves surviving animals homeless. Was this caused by the ambition of the coal industry to use these lands to push a railroad across the country? Certainly, that industry convinced the government not to impose emissions reductions in order to protect their profits. Moreover, the government failed to invest in a professional fire department, in spite of Australia’s being the driest continent on our planet. Recently, temperatures of 107.5°F have been measured there.

Rumors circulate about the fires being started by people. What people? Agents of the coal industry? Careless individuals? No matter how you slice it, this horrific tragedy was human caused. For thousands of years, native Aboriginal people knew how to live on this land without raping her. Then they were murdered, in the thousands, by European settlers and future cattle barons.

Fortunately, there are also a great many people on our planet who do care. Their hearts are saddened to see burned, frightened, and dehydrated baby koalas and other animals trying desperately to find water. The World Wildlife Fund, Australia, has a program of rescue and restoration of the land. Our clinic is sending them money directly. Purchases from our “Support The Earth” sale table are doubled or more to support this effort. But you can send WWF Australia funds directly on the internet. Because of the exchange rate, for every $100 you donate, only about $68 will be deducted from your account or charged to your credit card.

The Yogis say we live in the time of the Kaliyuga: the time of the great evil. But they also say that goodness shines brightly at this time in people who walk away from the path of evil. What happened and is happening in Australia, the Amazon, and California could easily happen to us here in Oregon. We have to decide what is really important in life.

Please help our animal friends in Australia and think about how you can live a more sustainable life for all living beings.